About Poll Modes

We allow for two types of modes for organisations to choose from. As an employee, you can see what mode the poll you are answering is, on the first screen, under the start button.

These mode types are described in more detail below. 

Anonymous mode

This is the most popular mode, and all responses are collected anonymously. We display the recipients real name in the poll, however we 'scrub' the data so it is not shown in any report, and never provided to the organisation or other users.

The only data a manager can collect from you, is that you received the poll, and whether you completed it or not.

Individual mode

This allows for individual responses (with names) to be collected. In some organisations, employees are fine with sharing their personal opinions.  Individual mode polls collect all your data and display it to any manager who has access to the 6Q account.

These modes can be changed per poll, in the Edit Poll screen.

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