Getting started with 6Q

Welcome to 6Q! We know you want to get the most possible benefit from your trial, so taking 2-3 minutes completing the below straight away, will really help.

You can either watch the video version, or read on to view the text instructions.


This two minute video will help you get set up, and using your trial immediately. Turn your speakers on, so you can follow along with the voice over.


There are three simple steps to get started, and get the most from your trial. They should take well under five minutes to complete.

Step 1: Check Settings

The first screen you want to visit is Settings. You should set your time zone, and add a logo. Once complete, click the Save Details button on the lower right.

Step 2: Add team members

Next step, is to visit the Users screen and add at least two other colleagues, so you can view how it works for them as well as yourself. You can find the Users screen, under the Team menu item.

Step 3: Confirm example poll

Last step, check the details on the example poll we have set up for you. Just click 'Primary' in the navigation menu, to go to the main poll screen for this poll. Confirm all the details are correct, and if you wish to edit any, including the questions, simple click the Edit Poll button in the top right of this panel.

That's it, you're ready for your first trial poll! Sit back, relax and wait for your first poll to come in.

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