Modify organisation settings

To modify your organisation settings, such as logo, organisation name or time zone, click the Settings menu item (lower left)

You will then see a screen similar to the below.

From the top, the fields are;

Organisation Name

We recommend that you don’t change this. This field is used throughout email alerts, reports, etc.

If you need to, in the text box replace/update the name of the organisation. To confirm this, click 'Save Details', otherwise click 'Cancel'

Account Owner

Each Organisation needs to have a '6Q owner'. This owner is in charge of the overall account. By default, it is set to the person who signed up to 6Q. To change owner, use the drop down box to choose a colleague.

Time zone

This is the local time zone for your main office. Your report deadlines, etc all work off this time zone.

To change your timezone, choose from the dropdown selection box your relevant local time zone.   

User Statistics

This setting allows you and leaders to see individual statistics within the user detail screens.

User interactions

This setting allows you and leaders to see individual interactions with the polls, and can be handy when trying to determine why someone has not been completing their polls.


Adding your logo will mean that it will display through both the My 6Q interface (top left) and in all poll emails and reports.

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