Suspending users


This request can only be processed by an existing Leader not by any Team Members. *See one of your Leaders to fulfil this request.

If a user is going away for an extended period of time, such as leave, you can ‘suspend’ them using the ‘account disabled’ feature.

To suspend a user, click on the 'Manage Users' button underneath the 'My Team' heading. 

You can suspend a users account by using the 'edit' action button to the right of the account. 

To suspend a users account navigate to 'account disabled?' heading. Then in the dropdown selection change the default value of 'No' to 'Yes'. To confirm the selection click 'Save Details', otherwise click 'Cancel'.

Once the change has been made the account will remain in the system, but will not receive new questionnaires or be able to log into the system. 

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