Adding or editing a poll

Both adding and editing a poll uses the same four step process.

Adding a poll

You can add a new poll by selecting the Add Poll menu item.

If you do not see this menu item, you may have already reached your maximum poll limit. Normal paid accounts are allowed five concurrent polls. Trial accounts are allowed one.

Editing a poll

To edit a poll, click on the name of the poll in your menu, then select 'Edit Poll' from the top right of the main poll screen. There are four screens to walk through here - you can jump forward or backwards at any time.

The four screens are;

  • Overview & Questions
  • Recipients & Schedule
  • Optional Settings
  • Review
Each screen is explained in further detail below.

Overview & Questions

This screen allows you to choose your questions and 

Recipients & Schedule

This screen is where you choose who the poll will go to, and when it will send and finish.

Optional Settings

This screen allows you to add a reminder in popular team chat, Slack, as well as change the introduction text on invite and reminder emails.


This screen allows you to review all elements of the poll, as well as deactivate and delete the poll.

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