Our reports display a percentage as the response average.

This works by taking the responses from questions, using the answer slider (as shown below).

Although the percentage is not displayed when completing a question, this answer slider rounds up or down to the nearest 1% increment.

On the left hand side of each question box in our reports, we show the breakdown statistically.

This gives you the detailed information, should you wish to dig deeper into the range of responses.

Each line of this area is explained further.

Most Positive - in this example, you see that 51 employees gave a response of 100%  to this question. 

Least Positive - in this example, you can see 43 employees gave a response of 20% to this question.

Mean average - this is the average response calculated against all employees responses.

Median average - this is the 'middle value'of all responses, should you line them all up, smallest to largest.

Mode - this was the most common response from all employees.

Range - this is the range as a percentage, from lowest recorded response to highest recorded response (in this example, 20% was lowest, and 100% was highest).

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