Each poll report contains a number of benchmark figures for comparison.

The team mood benchmark, is the average team mood across our entire customer base as of the most recent poll closing. This frequently changes, on a day to day basis.

The 'per question' benchmark percentiles are the average response across all 6Q customers employee responses, for that exact question. 

In the event that you are using a custom question, the system will try and find an exact match. If not, the benchmark is for your team responses only.

For example, Customer A has asked the question "Have you been happy this week?'. Customer B asks the question 'Are you happy at work this week?'. Customer C asks the question 'Have you been happy this week?'.

Customer A and C will see the average response as a percentage across all of the combined employees of Customer A and C. Because the wording is different on Customer B's question, they will see the benchmark as being only responses from their employees.

This will change over time. For example, the average for a specific custom question for the first poll was 88%. The next week, it was 84%. The benchmark will now display as a benchmark of 86%, until the following week, where further responses may change the average percentile again. 

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