About 'Assistant Role'

Assistant Role allows you to hand out access and permissions to manage team members and segments to a trusted employee within an organisation to do this for you.

The new assistant role only has the ability to view and manage your users. They do not see any of your reports or responses, meaning this data is still safe with your leaders.

What can Assistants do?
Assistants are similar to ‘restricted Leaders’. They can manage team members and segments, however they are unable to view any reports or poll responses.
  • An Assistant is able to;
  • Add, edit or remove Team members
  • Add new Leaders
  • Add, edit or remove Segments
To keep system security and integrity, an Assistant is unable to;
  • Remove existing Leaders
  • Change the 6Q account owner
  • View any payment or 6Q organisation account details
When an assistant logs in, they see a simplified dashboard, without any of the reports.
 Read our  post for more information about 'Assistant Role',

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